I hate to hear this.

Pedestrian Killed Near National Zoo

I can have a chip on my shoulder
I can get angry

it is true... I can snap
why? you ask
simply because I understand the worst case scenario
and well... in most cases it would be me on the receiving end of that worst case scenario

bicyclists and pedestrians... be careful and be cautious and work to put yourself where you are most safe

and if I cussed at you when I was on my bike with my children
I can not apologize... as more than likely I felt your driving was a threat to me... my family... or anyone who may be on the road near you
here is a simple one... if there is a SPEED LIMIT... that is how fast a car should be going around other cars
so... when approaching a pedestrian or cyclist... DRAW YOUR BRAKES... SLOW THE "F" DOWN... if you are SPEEDING past pedestrians or cyclists... you are a menace

and I Googled GWADZILLA ZOO to find this image

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