not so fair..

cycling and weight
in the sport of cycling there is a fixation of weight
both the weight of the rider and the weight of the bike

cyclists strive for light bodies and light bikes

it is just not fair

my ten year old son raced the Juniors 10-14 class at DCMTB's DCCX cyclocross race

in that field were a cast of kids on a variety of bikes
many of the kids in lycra clothing on skinny tired cyclocross bikes
while my son Dean...
well... Dean was wearing all cotton and riding his low end fat tired mountain bike

this all fine
this is all well and good
if we were shooting to "win" the bicycle would be more important
but really... at this point is just about getting out there
yet it is still not fair

the bike to body weight ratio is something that we would not accept for an adult

those barriers are tall for some adults
the height of the barriers to a ten year old boy
well... you can see for yourself in the corresponding photos

he was not as fast as the fastest kids
but even if the officials have him as -1 for laps
Dean went out and did that last and final lap all on his own!


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