this is cool

this is cool
was just over at MOMENTUM MAGAZINE when I saw this clip on a cargo bike documentary
thought I would give it a look
was curious if it was the same cargo bike documentary that had contacted me about using a photo of me on Adam's Cargo bike with his dog Lucy (RIP Lucy... she was a good dog)

the film is fantastic
and yes
this is the same cargo bike documentary

Cargo Bike Documentary at Momentum Magazine

(R)Evolutions Per Minute
a Cargo Bike Documentary

the premise is amazing...

and no... I was not expecting it... but I saw it... it flashes a tad too quick... but it is there
Gwadzilla on a Cargo Bike with Lucy!

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dcdouglas said...

Thanks for the heads up.

I intend to sign up to show off my blue Big Dummy. Too bad my boys have outgrown their custom wooden double kid seat. I hope to pass it on to another family since there are a growing number of Xtracycles popping up in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.