when will we move to the next design?

this whole "everybody gets a trophy" thing who likes it? who likes it better than working hard and achieving due to hard work and then being rewarded for it? it is like "just for fun" what is that? I think it is more fun to be good at something than to suck at it excuse my language but I am confused either way the child gets rewarded? what is the incentive? help me out here I am forgetting why someone would think that this "everyone gets a trophy" thing with its "just for fun" agenda would be better than working hard and achieving

it is not that I want my kids to be soccer players
being good at soccer does not define anyone... well other than soccer players
but really
it is about the INPUT TO REWARD ratio

simple logic...
the more you put in
the more you get out
now you work the converse of that

get it
got it

now why would our society move to this alternate model
the idea of protecting our kids
not letting them get their feelings hurt

maybe we could use that effort to protect their feelings and try to make them better at what they are involved in

sports get the shaft
piano... guitar.... flute
there would be a measure
a demand of input and an expectancy of competence

while sport
well... sport has this "it does not matter if"
so many parents give me lines like "my son is never going to be a world cup soccer player"
well... your son is never going to write for The New York Times... yet you will teach him to read and write to the best of he ability


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