Beers after lunch...

Peter Beers.
photo from a season or three ago.

alright now...
the dog has been walked and will be walked again after I hit publish and post
it is my parent's dog... he is visiting for a few days... and well... he is older and not in full control of his shit... so I want to be sure he gets some exercise along with the opportunity to do what he needs to do
last night he left a surprise on the couch
on the couch?
at least it was solid...

the kids are at school with their bikes... which means that I will meet them for a post school ride on the bicycle instead of in the car
hopefully it is not too cold... hope I do not get any argument from the boys about not going to the park around the corner from school... hopefully the notion of the new backyard climbing wall before dark is enough of a draw to get us rolling straight home without attitude

dishes need to be done... laundry needs to be folded
dishes always need to be done and laundry always needs to be folded
the house needs to be cleaned... the house always needs to be cleaned...
as this is a house with a seven and ten year old boy

gotta do a mess of things today... in addition to trying to tidy up this mess
must get this list in my head before I start moving forward

okay... question... Would Occupy DC be interested in a couple of bags of old books?
that will dictate what happens to these books
if they are interested... the books will go there... if not... I will just bring down some old clothes

mention of Beers by Gwadzilla
then... mention of Peter on Gwadzilla

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Your Name Here said...

You captured one of the more fun days on the trike. I believe that was the day that I captured this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pedrogringo/4517120317/