a few shots of Mark (or is it Marc) in Dupont

Marc may qualify as a "lifer"
meaning... Marc has been and will be doing this bike messenger thing for life

Marc is from the "old skool"
Marc has been a messenger for as long as I can remember

I have also seen Marc riding on some of the Rock Creek Group Rides
as well as seen him pass me rolling up 16th Street
some serious miles on those legs!

funny... Marc let me take his photo
a few years back he declined my request to snap a shot
I respected his wishes
but yesterday while getting an afternoon coffee I asked again... Marc appeased me
I figured he had seen my blog
alas no... Marc is not into computers

I sat and talked with Marc about bikes and life
life and bikes
my favorite topics

the conversation was short because I needed to get back to work
nice to catch up just the same

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