a good week...

this photo is not exactly the most recent
the boys are older and are on different bikes
Dean is on a 26er and Grant is rocking the 24 inch wheel bike
yet... it applies to the feeling of the moment

it was a good week
we rode bikes every day this week
the day offered as much variety as Fall has to offer
one day was a tad cold and a bit rainy but I brought jackets and the kids had gloves which made it all doable

the seasons are changing
not sure how much more post school bike riding we can do
but I will try to keep it as part of the routine
just as the adult commuter can ride rain or shine
I believe that the child cyclist can also ride rain or shine

I know as the coach of my younger son's U8 soccer team I like things to be RAIN OR SHINE
and yes... we practice on astro turf so it is sustainable to play rain or shine

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