i can remember...

ah yes... I can remember...

back in the 80's there was a local surge with Bike Taxis and Bike Cab
there was a company that ran bikes in Georgetown and Annapolis
it was pretty cool
to get around some legal technicalities the Bicycle Taxis and Bicycle Cabs were on a "donation" basis... hopefully there was a "recommended" donation
as people will give nothing if they do not HAVE to give anything

during that time I remember drivers not wanting to pick up people that looked like they were heading to a casting call for Boyz in the Hood
as it was awkward to have an illegal transaction happening in the passenger seat of their cab
and the sometimes intimidating passengers did not feel as if they needed to make a donation
ah... the 80's

I remember being offended by how some of the women drivers dressed
it seemed Hooters-esque for them to have lace coming out of the bottom of their acid wash cut off jeans

Bike Taxi Babes

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