I have said it before... and this sentiment does not earn friends

I am no fan of the E-Bike...

here is a short blurb about a shared disdain for the ebike


the eBike or Electric Bike...
electronic assist?

is it a bicycle or a moped?
is it about being on a bike or not being in a car?

I have had conversations with people about the eBike and have shared the sentiments echoed in that short article
okay... ride your eBike... but do not ride where motorized bicycles are prohibited
oh... you are scared of cars? but what about the hazard you create for those around you
eBikes scare me!

also... I feel that the motor changes things
are motorized skateboards cool? I think not
what about motorized scooters?
motorized soccer balls and basketballs?

some things do not need to be motorized
sure... get your ebike and live car lite
but remember it is a motorized vehicle and stay out of the bike lane and off the bike path
and if you are on the sidewalk... well... behave like a motorcycle on the sidewalk
in the end...

yes... I know... I know...
the eBike engine helps people to ride distances and hills that they would not normally be able to ride
sure... but with that extra weight... more than likely the motor will decrease the amount that the rider would have normally pedaled
sort of like an animal in the wild
if given the option to hunting or eating trash from the garbage... even the proudest of animals will eat the trash from the garbage

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