a photo of an old friend... gone but not forgotten

snagged this image off FACEBOOK...
Miggy Jones

the one story I love to tell is how Miggy or Kenny Gayle as he was known as then would send me off to get lunch for him when we were in high school

Kenny and I had homeroom together since both of our last names ended in "G" then as freshman we shared third period Spanish class with Senora Suszinski
not sure how it came to be but somehow I found myself in a situation where I was enlisted by Kenny to get him lunch

B-CC (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) had an open lunch which meant we could leave campus for lunch each day
Kenny would give me a 20 and a list of what he wanted then send me off to fetch his lunch
often I would try to get out of Spanish a few minutes early to facilitate the process
the list was pretty much the same every day... almost always involving a shake
almost always sending me to Roy Rogers

Linkit worked out pretty good for me
I was allowed to get what I wanted with the change

my selection was usually pretty simple... never as extravagant as Kenny's shake or whatnot
staying on task I always moved fast
I would then find Kenny in the lunch room and pass off his food
although I was invited to sit with him and his set of friends that were much cooler than myself
I always opted to go off and eat on my own

Kenny was a good guy... lots of good memories of hanging with Kenny
memories from high school and beyond
lots of shows at the various community centers and the old 9:30 Club
some good times on the soccer field
just the basic growing up sort of shit

sad to think that Kenny's life was cut short


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