Race Report: Ed Sanders 2011

oh man... oh man
I have really let things slip
so much to say
but nothing being said

wanted to script some reports for the last few races
but alas no... I let things slip too far from the moment to recall any details or to consider the details significant
so... while the ideas are fresh in my head or at least within hope of recall I will try to type something out

RACE REPORT: Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross Race at Lily Pons 2011
I am not sure what year this is for NCVC and their cyclocross race at Lily Pons
but I would think that it is one of the longest running races in the MABRA SERIES

this year NCVC switched things up by modifying the course.... dramatically modifying the course
much of the course was changed
a good number of the sections that were re-used were run backwards

the weekend approached and I was feeling a little less than lack luster about racing
yes I know... how can I say this about cyclocross? worse yet how can I say this about racing or even the bike? but it is true... I have issues with being motivated
especially now... right now my life is a little bit upsidedown

being underemployed has it tough for me to focus on... well... on anything

so... when the weekend came I asked my older son if he wanted to race on Sunday
in reality... it I wanted him to go I would not have asked him... I would have told him that there was a race on Sunday and he was registered
but I was not so sure if I wanted to do all that it takes to get the boys and their bikes to the race site and then to the race line
so... I asked knowing I would get a wishy washy answer that invovled a shrug of a shoulders and a response that was not strong enough to be yes or no

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