soccer season is just about over.

I was laughing to myself...

some of the best goal scorers are ball hoggers
but not all ball hoggers are goal scorers

end of season soccer game with the family next weekend
then that is a wrap

which has me looking at getting the kids signed up for indoor soccer for the winter

that photo is a few years old
brought the camera to Grant's game... it did not come out of the bag
the kids were standing flat and needed some motivation
the whole game could have used a little more structure

funny... the whole game was funny
stressful... but funny

the humor of course being on the sidelines
you know the stuff... the other team having so many incidental hand balls that I thought that they were trying to dribble the ball basketball style
then of course when the ball grazes one of our kids hands they coach calls a hand ball
when we are not calling hand balls at this age

that is enough show and tell
you know the drill

wanted to take some pictures... but it was not the most photogenic of moments
which is fine... not every moment needs to be captured on the digital equivalent of film
and... some moments are better experienced without a lens in front of my face

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