just seeing this new logo...
how long have they had that?
how long has it been since I have been to their page?

the other day when riding around town with Peter Beers there were all sorts of bicycle conversations
gear talk... car versus bike talk... whatever... bike... bike... bike...
at one point Peter made mention of his association with Bike Arlington and his effort to help trail users other than cyclists to understand that they need to be visible on the multiuse bike paths
then it occurred to me... the boys are in need of leg bands on their drive side angle or else their pants get shredded on our post school bike rides

Peter hooked me up!
then later when we were talking lights... lights to see versus lights to be seen there was mention of flashing lights
WHAT! Peter hooked me up with some very very cool Knog-esque blinky lights... one white for the front and one red for the back for each of the boys and then also for me

that could be a life saver!

thanks Peter
thanks Bike Arlington

Bike Arlington

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Your Name Here said...

Rock on, sir! Glad those could go to good use!