yes... who shovels the bike lanes and who is going to shovel the Capital Crescent Trail?

David Albert aka The Prince of Petworth has some words on the topic of snow and bike lanes
I would say more... but I have not read it yet
just sitting down at the computer
about to look at some images

bike lane pylons a snowplow dilemma

a cool project would be to make a fleet of tricycle snow plows
sell a bicycle snowplow to every bicycle shop in the surrounding area
a bicycle snowplow and a shovel and some pet safe salt
a bicycle snow plow kit! the bag of pet safe salt would aid in traction for the rear wheels!

all the bicycle shops would have their employees shove around the shop
then shops that border the Capital Crescent Trail or the Mount Vernon Trail could take responsibility for some sections
urban shops near Bike Lanes could work to aid in keeping things cleared and safe

leave some tricycle snowplows with combo locks on various section of the trail... volunteers could join in on the fun
a little up and back...
or a little up and then stop and lock up there
only to have another hiker... jogger... dog walker do a section

sorry... I have been having utilitarian bicycle fantasies again

but really...
it should not be the people's obligation to clear the streets
the city needs to understand that they need to take the bicycle into account when they plow the streets
maybe a Zamboni size plow to work its way around the city... traveling primarily in the bike lanes
then lifting the plow until it gets to the net trail?
be it the Metro Branch Trail or the Custis Trail... it needs to be cleared
just like the streets
as so many of these "bike paths" are the streets for bicycle commuters

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