Ergon Equipted


I just put some Ergon PC2 Pedals on a crusty old Surly Single Speed that I had not been riding
and well
it is the only bike I want to ride now
even with all of its snap crackle and pop noises I am loving riding this bike around the city

the pedals are the only smooth part of the bike
so smooth that they almost compensate for shimmy and shake of every other part on the bike

the pedals were put in place on Saturday night before rolling down to catch King Face at the Black Cat and well... it is the only bike I have ridden since

Sunday I did a pleasure cruise in the late afternoon
and then both Monday and Tuesday I commuted to work in regular clothing on this bike

regular clothing and regular shoes
no changing when I arrived at the office

these pedals improve comfort and performance
it is mind boggling
sure... nothing will match the connection a cyclist gets from clipless pedals and cleats
but this has to be the best option out their for those not looking to go with the cycling shoe-pedal combination


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