not just comfort... performance

it I worked in a bicycle shop and a customer came in with their bike and asked me how I could make their ride more comfortable I would suggest a few things

first the handlebars would be raised
a short riser stem
with something other than drop bars
riser bars.... maybe even something that swoops back
nothing as dramatic as mustache bars
depending on personal preference with examples ranging from basic risers to cruiser bars
yet not so many choices to overwelmed

a saddle a little more wide than a racing saddle
yet not as big as a tractor seat

and finally.... pedals
there is a pedal design from Ergon that offers comfort and performance like no other pedals
sure... nothing will match the connection betheseen clipless pdeass and cleats
but not ever ride merits bicycle specific shoes
some rides have a desination where changing is awkward
the list ges on

I believe that the Ergon PC could change the riding experience for the better in so many riders' world
sure they sound expensive... but break it down over time
and then of course... look at the over all cost of the bike
why would a bike that cost 1,400 dollars be equipped with 14 dollar pedals?

if I worked in a shop... I would be putting these on test rides all day long
if I worked in a shot... I would be recommending these pedals to anyone looking to ride in regular shoes

Ergon PC2

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