Remote Control Heli

Remote Control Helicopters are the best of toys
Remote Control Helicopters are the worst of toys

I love the RC Heli as much as my boys do
I HATE the RC Heli more than they do

we have had some serious bad luck with the 30 dollar helicopters
a few months back my son Grant bought a RC helicopter and after we put in batteries it did not fly
I tried adjusting "the trim" alas no... NO DICE ROCK SLICE... the body spun as fast as the helicopter blades themselves
we returned that helicopter for an alternate design and were stuck with some very similar issues
my seven year old son was fine with a helicopter that you controlled the rise and fall... but could not steer around the room

yet of course it still frustrated me

for Christmas young Grant got another RC Heli... so far... it is still flying
but of course... after a few crashes it will be eWaste

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Peter.J said...

You need some days to play around. Many people expect that they'll enjoy flying rc helicopters. But controlling is not that easy. Also it depends on what rc heli you bought. Don't go too cheap.rc helicopters