yes... DC Space is a Starbucks

yes... it is true
so much has changed
so little has remained the same

DC Space is now a Starbucks

I can not even try to dredge up a list of who or what I saw there...
yet I try... I have to try

Henry Rollins at the genesis of his spoken word thing
what bands?
definitely King Face... certainly Rites of Spring (or at least I can remember seeing a film they made... I think it was loaded in the projector and played backwards... their fans and following loved it no matter what) King Face only comes mind because I saw them this Saturday past
and that Rites of Spring film... well... I was always a little bit amused by the whole "emperor's new coat" response to things

I am drawing a blank on anything that would resemble a list

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misster-PISSTA said...

is the "cool disco dan "graffiti still on the wall in the parking lot...DC no space some of my best memories from my short visit to DCin 91?