after school today...

there was a call for wintery mix...
it did not sound pretty

when riding home from school yesterday we took a loop that had us wind behind The National Zoo
the boys asked if they could go to the zoo
we had already been to the park and there was homework to do
there was no time for the zoo

but this call for wintery mix had me thinking...
the zoo sounds like a pretty good idea
more specifically... Amazonia

so... when the bell rang and the kids flooded out the school doors I grabbed my boys and a few of their friends and drove back home where we walked to the zoo

funny thing...
we did a rushed assault on the zoo
somehow my watch time was wrong
which was fine
we looped through Amazonia and the kids got soaked playing at The Pizza Park in the rain

Amazonia at the National Zoo

that image is from a few years back

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