getting ready for the Diamond Derby

The Diamond Derby Race in Crystal City March 10th

what is the Diamond Derby?
hmmm... tough question to answer
it is a one of kind race in a one of a kind venue offering a one of a kind experience

an event as much about the racer as the spectator
think Six Day Race
although the race will not be an oval banked track
the course will circle a "lounge" in a gran prix style

just as the are people coming to race
there will be people going to the venue to see the race

sort of like the Gladiators... throw in the Cyclist!

the race itself is an interesting animal
part road crit... part cyclocross... part messenger race
all urban!
there will be several races...

a kids race on an abbreviated course
an open category which will last for 20 minutes where people fight for the fastest lap along with the option to gain points by collecting "diamonds"
then a 4 person relay
and then the fast race of the day later on the schedule

that would be the "messenger" aspect
there will be spots on the course like alley cat check points or scavenger hunt destinat

road crit?
well... it is a multi-lap race
with a short distance and nothing but curves
well... not so much curves
as being a course weaving in between massive posts in a parking garage

and then cyclocross?
there will be obstacles... urban obstacles
but in the spirit of cyclocross these obstacles will be there to add to the technical challenges of bike racing

just as there are barriers in cyclocross... their will be barriers here
just as there are tight turns that those who corner better on will have the advantage in cyclocross... there will be tight corners here

what bike should you ride?

whatever bike you are most comfortable riding!

knobby tires are not necessary... but I am not sure how much difference it will make sure rolling resistance is an issue

the challenges of the course will keep the maximum speed down
and it is a 20+ minute race

moving too fast will take you off the course and into a wall
it may be as much about handling as anything else
no long flat sections to draft
no pace lines
no sitting up in the pack

okay... here is the actual schedule
if you are interested in VOLUNTEERING
contact Sheba Farrin
ShebaFarrin AT G Mail Dot Com
or if you want to help with the Kids Race you can contact me directly
gwadzilla8 AT Yahoo Dot Com

The Crystal City Diamond Derby Event Schedule
2:00 PM Event Openssd
2:30- 3:30PM Kid’s Events
3:30-4:30PM Bike Polo on the 18th Street Grounds
4PM Dandies and Quaintrelles River Ride Arrives
4-4:30PM Open Course non-competitors rideNon-Combatants have a chance to sample the thrills and high-jinx of the race course while we set-up for the races.
4:30PM- 9:30PM Races
Open ClassAll riders will compete against the course in 20-minute heats, dodging obstacles and collecting as many laps and diamonds as they can! The field will be open to 200 riders. Prizes will be awarded to the top women, men a
nd children competing!
Team Competition
High-spirited relay rounds will pit registered teams against one another in all-out sprints for swag and glory! Teams will compete head-to-head with top teams advancing to the finals. Maximum field is twelve teams of four riders. Bonus prizes will be awarded to the best costumes!Chris Soda Four-X
Chris Soda Four-X Comps pits the hard-core amateurs and the wily vets against the cycling elite in head-to-head heats around the
Gran Premio course. Top finishers in each heat will continue to advance until the grand finale! Daredevils and speed demons need apply! Maximum participants in this event are 120 riders.
9:30PM to 10:30PM Awards Ceremony
10:30PM to Midnight The Diamond Derby Ball

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