the kids do not skateboard frequently to really improve

yet they are improving
of course they are improving
but my adult logic is being applied to kid world
they are fine with their level of competency and their infrequent visits to the skate park and their occasional trips to go downhilling

different times...

I think my dad not only refused to buy any of his children of the 70's (all born in the 60's) skateboards
but we got them
I remember having this sad piece of plywood with racing stripes and roller skate wheels that my sister gave me

I thought it was the coolest skateboard on the planet... because it was mine
and honestly
it was not any different than the crappy ass NASH that most kids had

the Finnegan and Roberts boards had local flavor and were as sought after as a fiber flex
and yes... kids had Bonzai boards

then in the next wave of skateboarding
in my late high school years I managed to have some friends good enough to hook me up with their old or unwanted boards
too many to name... but I may still have the Madrid Thruster... the narrow one... but it spray painted with stripes and says NFS

what was NFS?
it was whatever you wanted it to be
but I was not NFS or in NFS
and no... it was not National Front Skins
yes I am bald... but I am not a skin head

which reminds me...
there was a summer where I had a Krip-Stick
I was holding onto it for Todd Young
who was young and on the run and not yet known as Todd Young

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