this was several seasons ago... and several bikes ago...

working late today... can not do the "post school bike ride" with the boys
I think that the madness of the new dog has thrown a wrench into the machine
but really... if I am not making this happen for my kids
how could I expect other families to make this sort of thing happen for their kids

yesterday as I rode out my alley to run a quick errand before getting the boys from school an elderly gentleman who lives on the second to last house before exiting the alley stopped me and asked why he had not seen the boys
he made mention of the warmer weather
and how he had not seen them on the bikes

it was like an invisible slap to my forehead
this guy was right
these warmer days could have easily involved the bicycle
but somehow the routine has slipped out of priority

the acquisition of a new dog has shifted things
need to get the bikes back into the morning rotation

DC Safe Routes to School

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