all shots pretty much on the same corner as I step out of work to get lunch

liking the new Blogger Photo Upload and the new PHOTO MANAGEMENT in BLOGGER
love the click and move and the click and alter size control that is now available

with the Upload there is still a little glitch where it does not display all of the photos that were previously uploaded, but there is a space... not a ghost image, but a blank space representing the previous downloads
they should be displayed or no blank spaces

I think this street photography happened as I "talked shop" with fellow street photographers Kevin Dillard and Smitty

the shots are good
but... it is different taking pictures while trying to carry on a conversation
in many cases it forces me to miss the shot
not always by not releasing the shutter
but by not positioning my self in the right spot, not composing it right, and not capturing it at the right moment

the formating of the text is also clean and easy
and I like the presentation of the INSERT JUMP BREAK

have yet to INSERT VIDEO
but should really make that happen
but fear that it will steal all my UPLOAD SPACE!

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