bike ride and picnic... sounds right to me....

Rockburn Skills Park

yesterday, Sunday.... there was a Fundraiser for the Rockburn Skills Park
what is the Rockburn Skills Park?

in short... the Rockburn Skills Park is a multi-phase multi-dimensional man made mountain bike terrain park
mountain bike? mountain bike park?
this is a bicycle blog... I would think my glossary would only have to go so far

currently only phase one... the pump track is complete
what is a Pump Track? ask GOOGLE!
but the downhill and XC sections are in the works
and the pump track

yesterday was a picnic and a fundraiser...
it was a perfect day for a bike ride.... it was a perfect day for a picnic
it was the perfect day for a bike ride that ends at a picnic
with more bike riding at the picnic itself

the fund raiser at the Rockburn Skills Park was held to gather money and attention to this project that is so enriching to so many lives in this area
especially those in the immediate sphere of the Rockburn Branch Park
a park just North of Columbia, Maryland
adjacent to the Patapsco Avalon State Park
which means it is easily accessible to anyone in the DC-Baltimore area

our day started late and local
rather than rushing out to the picnic we leashed the dog and went for a hike in Rock Creek Park
then... on our return I loaded bikes and gear and we pointed north on Route 29 and let our Apple devices with their GPS mapping systems plot our course
when we arrived the event was in full swing

there was a picnic at the pavilion and there was a massive parade of cyclists of all ages and ability on the Pump Track
at the pavilion there was food and fun
the man made obstacles brought by Todd Bauer were getting plenty of use from the kids
volunteers from MORE were spotting the young kids as they attacked the "skinnies" and "teeter totters"

we were a little late for the food... but were lucky enough to score some pepper bbq chicken and some hot dog rolls that placated my sometimes beastly boys
once they were fed they were revived from their session on the pump track and ready for the man made wood obstacles

the boys looped and looped and looped the wooden obstacles
gaining skills that their father does not have in his pocket

then my older son Dean put aside his mountain bike and got on the unicycle... no way... say it is not so... riding the skinny on the unicycle? 
Dean made it look easy... after a few failed approaches... he got it down

Dean's tenacity and success brought cheers from some onlookers in the pavilion
as Dean's dad I felt proud of my son's single wheel accomplishment

we bought some raffle tickets....
although we did not win a bike
we do win just the same
as our money goes to the cause
and well.... the cause benefits us

it was a good day... good times hanging with good people 
great to see so many familiar faces and friends

I took a few short fast laps at the Pump Track
but really... I was there to hang out and entertain my kids
snapped some shots of my boys as they weaved through the madness on the pump track
then snapped some shots and cheered my boys on as they rode the man made obstacles

we left as they started to roll up the sidewalks
time well spent

in hindsight... we should have left out a little earlier for the picnic
and maybe for the ride in the woods

now we need to organize and get this sort of momentum in Washington DC

there needs to be some bicycle for sport infrastructure in Washington DC!

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