The Bike Shop... in a Hardware Store

 District Hardware and The Bike Shop

I like it
I like it a lot

support your local businesses
if you don't support your local businesses
well... they will not be there when you need them
so... it is not uncommon for me to make my purchases locally when I can

sure I shop online
but... I also like to shop locally
especially if it is something I need immediately

toilet repair? bike repair?
there are not many places for one stop shopping when these are your shopping needs
unless you are near District Hardware
because District Hardware is two businesses in one

District Hardware and The Bike Shop
previously located at Dupont Circle... a few years back they moved shop to 1108 24th Street NW DC

not far from the old location
both locations convenient to me for a lunch time walk from my office
which works out perfectly if I need a spoke for a wheel or a part for my toilet

I spent a few weeks filling in for Cargo Mike making his cargo deliveries while he was on vacation

turning that 2 week stint of playing cargo messenger I had a year's worth of issues
okay... I had a few minor hassles
one week I had a well worn tire that gave me a series of flat tires... even after I tried to patch the tire when I replaced the tube
and then... a run in with a cab broke the linkage of the pull behind trailer that had me trying to MacGyver things

both issues had me heading over to District Hardware

the staff is friendly and helpful
Peter in The Bike Shop may well be the friendliest bike shop employee on the planet
oddly friendly... or just odd
the older the bike... the more friendly he will be
the more unique the problem... even more friendly

then on the hardware side of things... the staff is always very helpful as well
the owners are a set of brothers... one more friendly than the other
but both quite helpful

in each case District Hardware was able to help me out and get me mobile again

this model of the bike shop in the hardware store is the way things use to be
and well
it could be a good model for hardware stores to continue where there is not a local bike shop near by

enough on this...
just wanted to share these images and give a shout out to the cast and crew at District Hardware\The Bike Shop

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