Demon Cats Photography

 images by Kevin Dillard of Demon Cats Photography
"I Gotta See a Man about A Dog" Alleycat

 screen capture on the MAC: Command-Shift-4
this does not give a full screen capture, but allows for the user to CROP the section that is visible on the screen 


it may be time to drop the STEVE and just live under the name of EVIL

yes... EVIL
here is a shot of me catching up with EVIL before the race... PURE EVIL
Evil wearing his new Crosshairs kit

at the race beginning... rolling out of Logan Circle... to get the instructions off a lamp post at an intersection just a block off the circle

Evil and then me... tax time, Bike Polo Tournament in NYC, and an Alleycat the night prior removed a good number of heavy hitters from the equation
allowing a fast pace logical approach to the course to have Evil and myself finish in the lead

Sasquatch and his bike... in his natural habitat... Rock Creek Park

Gwadzilla (okay... just me) and John Dinn
race promoter John Dinn verifying that I captured the three photo checkpoints to score second place for the day

Evil and his custom bag
R.E.Load Bags

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