humbling day on the bike...

put the bike on the car and went out to Schaeffer Farms yesterday...

the Niner: Rip Nine is my only dirt worth machine right now... so that is what I rode
which is good... as I still do not know how to ride this bike

Schaeffer Farms was at its dry buff best
the parking lot was full of a flurry of activity
but the trail system is now large enough that there is only some occasional cross cyclist encounters

the day was humbling
as much fun as I was having I did not feel much strength in my legs... nor did I feel an excess of wind
and my technical
well... I have never been the most technical rider
so... what little technical skills I once had are now missing

yes... it is just like riding a bike
it will come back to me
but I will need to put some time and focus into things
more dirt... must ride more dirt!

that image is years old... a handful of years old
Grant is no longer of Trail-A-Bike age

need to get the boys out on dirt
gotta do more riding with the boys

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