BAD KARMA BIKE: the best way to stop crime... is not to commit crime

bike theft sucks
bike theft is an invasion beyond most types of theft
a person can be connected to their bike
connected and dependent

the best way to stop bike theft... well... other than not stealing bikes yourself
the best way to stop bike theft is to not buy stolen bikes or stolen bike parts

if no one bought stolen goods
there would be no market for stolen goods
which would have people stealing less
it is my belief that most people do not steal things and then use them themselves

most people on stolen bikes... bought those bikes for cheap
the cheap bike is tempting

people need to understand their contribution to the "cycle"
I remember years ago talking to people with stolen bikes
trying to give them an idea of what is happening on the other end where the bike once was
ideas about the Bad Karma Bike

Tour De Tehft Targets High-End Racing Bikes

image from here... a link that looks worth chasing

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