Shelby Foote

one day this week... and an afternoon last week I met up with Colby Waller and a few other Corcoran Art School Students who are working on a film project
the topic... DC Bicycle Messengers
I was called in for some Q&A
not as an ex-messenger
but more as a person with a certain knowledge on the topic of Bikes in DC

I was flattered... of course
but... I have a bit of a condition
I can not talk in front of a camera

well... I can talk
but not so relaxed and not so candid
I also locked up because I felt awkward about blanket statements
and my right to make statements from the outside

also did not want to throw anyone under the bus

hopefully I said a few things that make sense
hopefully I gave a few answers that act as the pieces of the puzzle that they need to make this documentary entertaining and accurate
it is a great topic

and of course... oral history needs to be captured
or else that story never gets told

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