I know I am slow to get with this
not really in need of METER PARKING that often so I never added this Smart Phone App
but yesterday I feared I did not have the change in the car for the 2 hour parking charge
simply downloaded the App and Signed Up
ParkMobile is COOL!
 it gives warnings that it is about to run out and can be extended


this changes the dynamics of city parking!

on a side note...
there was a "meter maid"... okay... maybe not a "meter maid"
there was this burly guy on a Seagway in uniform checking the meters
I saw on his wrist he had a GOPRO video camera

curious I stopped and asked him about his GOPRO camera
he was hesitant... but then opened up
I think his initial response was that I was about to argue a ticket
he was pleased to see that I understood that the ticket is not his fault... but the person who parked illegally or failed to add money to the meter
the video camera is not standard issue but his own device of self preservation
or at least a tool to aid it telling his side of the story if things got ugly
this guy looked like he could take care of himself

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