similar story... same afternoon...

yes... twice... this happened twice
clear sky in the morning... clouds rolled in by early afternoon
the clouds came in fast
a few rain drops... some darkness... then thunder and lightning

the lifeguards in their red shorts blew their whistles and waved their flags
people picked up their towels and up rooted their umbrellas

we got run off the beach with our Grotto's Pizza
the afternoon storms rolled in with thunder and lightning
we evacuated the beach and took cover back at our hotel
only one issue... we already checked out

but that is not really an issue
the checkout time is firm... but they allow for us to leave our car in the garage and use the shower and bathroom by the pool in the afternoon
so we just like a few days prior we planed to ear our pizza in the miniature weight room along side the shower

as I pulled clean dry clothes from the car I sent the boys upstairs to start showering
when I got upstairs Dean had showered but Grant had not
somehow an adult bumped Grant out of the rotation
the boys got their first... but an adult weaseled their way in
Dean tried to pass the shower off to Grant, but some woman bounced him out and put herself and her friends in the rotation

when I got there we ate our pizza and waited our turn
I was a little frustrated when I heard my boys tell me what happened

this woman was taking a good deal of time
but really... all the kings horses and all the kings men could not...
well never mind with that
in any case... it was taking this woman an absurd amount of time to shower and change
eventually we had to bounce her out of the rotation
and put our family back in the queue

it was not clear
but somehow this adult failed to respect that my boys were in front of her
Grant and Dean tried to verbalize that they were using the shower
yet somehow they failed to respect their right to space... their right to their turn

it was the same situation as at the "public shower" on the boardwalk
an adult not respecting the rights of a person smaller than themselves
not listening... not trying to hear the child...  not caring about anything but themselves
an adult putting their personal needs in front of others
not respecting that the child is a person
and they have as much right to their turn as anyone else

it steamed me to have these woman bump my boys out of the shower
we were first... we were next
we waited for our turn
we wanted to take our turn

and this woman was taking FOREVER!

well... we got in rotation...
I had Grant shower quickly as I waited in the bathroom along side of him so there would be no more confusion
we wanted to get on the road... and this woman and her long shower had taken up time I did not care to waste

enough with that
glad you did not bother to read this far

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