valley mill...

today my older son Dean's Fifth grade class had an end of year field trip to Valley Mill
it is sort of a big deal
the kids are going from Elementary School to Middle School
not all the kids will be going to the same schools next year
a kids mile stone of sorts
the Valley Mill field trip is a good punctuation mark at the end of this sentence that finishes this paragraph in the stories of their lives

our whole family tagged along
they needed chaperones
they needed drivers
at first both Lisa and I were going to drive.... but a need for Lisa's car to be serviced changed that plan

but we all went to Valley Mill just the same

capture the flag and other field games
quick session in the pool... where I guided races and competitions
then lunch before an afternoon that involved kayaking, climbing wall, and archery

a fun packed day!

Valley Mill is AWESOME!
the staff and their activities kept us entertained
everyone who guided the event of the day were as excited about the tasks as hand as we were 
cool group of people running the show at Valley Mill

the grounds are totally down to earth
pretty bare bones
but the kayaks, archery equipment, pool... whatever... it was all awesome!
our kids have never gone to camp there... be we would definitely consider it

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