water by bike.

Casey Trees...
working to keep Washington GREEN

it is Casey Trees' mission to "restore, enhance, and protect the tree canopy of the nation's capital."
(I added that second comma after enhance, but the quote holds the same sentiment)

within the Casey Tree's program there is a "water by bike" system
and we all know that riding a bicycle is "more green" than driving a car

I am almost certain that I have seen similar vehicles used for garden work on city land in Colorado, both Boulder and Winter Park

how do we get Washington DC and its agencies to think like this?

DC Government and the Federal Agencies like the National Park Service would do well to diversify
if not the addition of bicycles with trailers
then move away from gas powered trucks and move to electric golf carts
okay... I have seen some NPS folks on trikes... so they are thinking this way in some instances
but it could definitely expand

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