a moment of reflection...

the Liberty Jamboree is a great gathering of good people...
each year there are donations accepted for various causes...
years prior I think that donations were accepted for a breast cancer foundation
but since then the focus has been more direct... the family of a fallen rider; Aaron Ryan

Aaron Ryan died a few years ago from what may have been a side effect of an accident involving a car when he was riding his bicycle home from work
Aaron was not only a fellow mountain biker... but also a husband and father
it saddens me that his family lost its father

the donation is not significant... but hopefully helps
helps with not only with things like a college fund for the kids
but also helps the family to remember that they are not the only ones who miss Aaron
Aaron you are remembered and you are missed

let the passing of Aaron Ryan help us to appreciate life, family, and friends more

RIP Aaron Ryan.

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