all in the name of fun...

not everyone knows... not everyone participates
there is an unspoken tradition at W@W...
that tradition being that the Single Speeders "dress-up" for the 4th and final race
that tradition has moved to the other classes

I have raced Clydesdale in proper attire... this year some of the fast experts put on their church clothes and raced competitively

this week I could not get my head around it all
as much as I wanted to join in on the fun I wanted to stay focused
brought the camera... but did not take any photos
getting their with the kids and getting them on the line
then getting to the line and racing my best
well... I did not want to get bogged down by anything else

Wakefield is an interesting race series...
there is nothing more to it than the competition and camaraderie
the course is challenging... but really... that is not what it is about
it is about racing with your local rivals and your friends
a good chance to go head to head with the locals

over the years I have come to know a good number of the people who organize the W@W Series
good group of folk... I am thankful for all that they do

lost my train of thought

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