I do not like this story...

Harley Flanagan...
I know people who know Harley Flanagan... but I do not know Harley Flangan

no... I do not know Harley Flanagan
nor do I know the history that is Harley Flanagan's life
but I do know... Harley Flanagan has lived a colorful life since a very young age
if there ever was a "young punk"
Harley Flanagan was a "young punk"

that young punk grew up to be a tough kid and that tough kid grew up to be a bad ass adult

it shocks me that this bad ass adult has not outgrown the "bad" part

no... I do not know the story... I do not know any of the story or anything near the full story
but it does not sound good

Webster Hall Hardcore Show Canceled


and this...

and this... an interview with Harley where Harley gives some insight into the world he grew up in

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