thanks McKenzie for the photo....

Wednesday at Wakefield
perhaps the most important race series in THE WORLD!
so many of the contestants here have to make that tough choice
race The Tour de France... or fight traffic on I-395 to slug it out in the heat at Wakefield

you know my choice! 
no need to get the passport stamped
just need to bring the kids along so that we can drive in the HOV lane

it was an interesting series... lots of competition in the Clydesdale Class
people getting faster from years past...
racers I have raced at other locations coming out to fight for first...
people drifting from other classes to get in on the Clydesdale Competition

it was a hard series... I did not expect to win the series
Robert Georgantas is racing fast and furious... his want may be greater than mine... 
William Johnson is simply faster than I am... not sure of his exact weight... he looks Clydesdale Light
then Jody and Brian who are pictured here were strong in the mix
each of them threatening to be the Wednesday Night Clydesdale King

I did not follow the race results... 
the results came out too late after the race for me to script reports after reflecting on the results
then when the results were finally posted... they were no longer a priority
it was too close to looking forward to the next Wednesday to be looking back
there may have been some confusion in the results... 
but I think that the final standings may be correct
my results may have been 2-Firsts 1-Second and 1-Fourth

Robert and Will not scoring any points on the last and final day may have bumped them down...

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