The Liberty Jamboree and the Yellow Jersey!

Liberty Jamboree IX and The Yellow Jersey

this weekend past with the 9th Annual Liberty Jamboree
a small gathering that consists primarily of WUSSes
WUSS being Washington Underground Singlespeed Society

The Liberty Jamboree is a one day multi stage off road event
each stage earns the top finishers points
points can also be earned by finding the Outlaw, a bright pink flyer hung off trail in the woods

at the end of the day people gather around the table for one round of Black Jack
the points earned racing are used as the chips
the person with the most points at the end of that Black Jack game is the winner for the day

as for the Yellow Jersey...
the winner of each stage gets to wear the yellow jersey for the following stage
the jersey is not to be worn over another jersey
that jersey is also not to be cleaned or washed
the jersey has its own essence
wearing the jersey when swimming in the river is also a serious no no (Joe Whitehair!)

the winner for the day takes home the yellow jersey 
then the following year... the winner of the yellow jersey gets to sport yellow for stage one


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