Vintage Photo...Mr. Motorist Watch Out for Me.

Please Mr. Motorist Watch Out for Me?
(not sure of the use of the question mark)

this does not amuse me in the least
when I ride bicycles with my two boys it angers me to no end how car drivers do not modify their driving behavior when approaching my two young boys on their bikes
often the boys go unseen
which does not shock me
because car drivers seldom see me.... and I am 6'4" tall on a super sized bike with 29 inch wheels

people need to rethink the way they drive
which means... people need to THINK when they drive

people should be more alert when they drive
people need to be more considerate of others when they drive
people need to understand the meaning of the law
people need to express more common sense and common courtesy when they drive

when in residential areas car drivers need to understand that the SPEED LIMIT is not only the intended SPEED MAXIMUM
but the SPEED LIMIT is also the speed that cars are meant to travel at when encountering other car drivers
when a car driver encounters a pedestrian or cyclist they should be traveling slower than the SPEED LIMIT

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