Brooke Shields... I am not certain that is her in the photo below

is that really Brooke Shields with HR of Bad Brains?
although it was considered their "pop" album
I still love Bad Brains I AGAINST I
young Brooke telling the youth not to smoke
"don't be a dragon lady"
then... someone got a snap of a still beautiful Brooke Shields on a bike
Brooke Shields
previous mention of Brooke on the Gwadzilla Page
yes...  ran into... almost literally ran into Brooke Shields poaching some trails on her mountain bike

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gwadzilla said...

Huffington Post says NO http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/27/brooke-shields-smoking-pot-years-ago_n_1920205.html

so... maybe cocaine with Michael Jackson at Studio 54
but no to week with HR