College Park Bicycles and Mt. Airy Bicycles

yes... College Park Bicycles and Mt. Airy Cycles
it has been a few years since I have been in either of these stores
okay... I have never been in the Mt. Airy Cycles Shop
but there was a time when I went to College Park Bicycles
it is where I bought my Cannondale SM600

these shops are well worth a glance
Larry Black has been in the business for quite some time
his involvement in the cycling culture has  evolved over the years
I am not the person to offer up his history
but I am guessing it is a history worth hearing about

older bikes available at both shops
although I have never seen it... I have heard that Larry Black has a museum quality collection of bikes
and for sale... I can not think of anyone with a better select of tandems or recumbents

College Park Bicycles and Mt Airy Bicycles
(yes, frames and tabs... very early internet... their page could use a make over)

Larry Black
and College Park

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