moderately intense... I have been curious about Ian becoming a prisoner of his ideas and his public identity

I totally dig the music of Matisyahu
the message is cool
but the emotion is what I feel
honestly... I am not into religious rock

that said
in addition to totally digging Matisyahua
I also love the very mainstream U2 and LIVE
both total Christian rockers

if I am cruising the stations and I stall on an unknown song I sometimes smell crap from the Jesus overt message
be it country or rock... if it is too Christian... it is often more Christian than it is either country or rock
Johnny Cash may mention a religious moral message or even God... but he never tried to sell you anything 
so often Christian rock crap sounds like it is trying to sell me something

Matisyahu does not sound like he is trying to sell anyone anything
yet there is a message... a spiritual message

quite a different look.. the loss of the beard and the loss of the locks
bet it draws in a different flock

only a fool would have thought Bob Marley less a profit if he had shaved his dreads


'will read this tomorrow


gwadzilla said...

I can watch this... actually listen to this over and over again...


not sure what he is saying
not sure I agree with what he is saying

but there is this emotion that i seem to connect with
like I understand it without really listening to the words

sorry... that is just how I accept music
;ike a painting... I do not need a microscope... I like it or I do not
that is my right

fatbob29r said...

Good stuff, and you're right, there is a message there w/out being preachy. Jews are unlike Christians, they do not try to recruit non-believers. You have to prove that you want to be in, and be in 100% to be in.