okay... I have this jock jewelry... now how will it help me to lose weight?

NIKE FuelBand

a few weeks back was my birthday.. 45.
a combination of not liking that I had somehow in the two weeks since I returned from vacation I gained 9 pounds and the feeling that it would be nice to treat myself to something
I bought myself the NIKE FUELBAND

although I knew virtually nothing about it
it has passed in front of me a few times and caught my eye
so I figured... what the heck
check it out... give it a try

easier said then done
I tried to make an online purchase... there were no FUELBANDS available in my size
I tried again later that day... same response
the next day I was able to make my purchase... ah relief
then it took over a week for the package to arrive... ah... the anticipation

the NIKE FuelBand arrived 
I tore apart the brown box excited to see the NIKE product arrive in an APPLE sort of way
packaging... beautiful packaging.... unnecessary yet beautiful packaging
very APPLE.... APPLE loves to give their consumers the feeling that they are getting something nice by putting that something in some nice packaging

sort of like that blue bag from Tiffanies... there is something about decent packaging

the packaging was nice... the device itself?
the NIKE FUELBAND is everything I expected
it is clean, cool, and slick
the NIKE FUELBAND is simple 
clean and simple

in an era where the LIVESTRONG fad has nearly died out
another rubbery latex wristband appears on the athletes arm

the set up was virtually effortless
created an account... downloaded an APP to the iPhone while topping off the charge on the new device
set up the Bluetooth connection and then did a SYNC of the device
as recommended I set the Daily Goal at the easiest level
it gave me pleasure to achieve that goal in my first half day of usage

the next day came and I went along my usual routine
walking the dog... chasing the kids
there was a short bicycle ride to work
and then a bike ride after work
those things combined and I blew away the Daily Goal
even wearing the FUELBAND on my wrist instead of my shoe while cycling I was able to meet and beat my Daily Goals

(I plan on comparing the measured STEPS on the same bicycle ride, once with the NIKE FUELBAND on my wrist... then the next day with the NIKE FUELBAND attached to my shoe)

but of course... this offered up no change to my weight
because as of this point I had not increased my activity
I was only measuring my activity
it is my diet that I need to focus on

I need to pay closer attention to Calories... Caloric intake and Calories Burned!
I need to better understand the NIKE FUEL concept
and then...
I should also increase my activity... or at least try to exercise more efficiently

at the end of one week of use I intend on kicking up my Daily Goal to the mid level
right now I am enjoying the novelty of meeting and beating my Daily Goal

and the next step...
to think about what I am eating
to work on portion control and avoiding the elements that are evil
some things should be obvious... ice cream should be a treat... not a daily stable
bags of chips... like the bag I ate at midnight last night... SERIOUS NO NO!
but I know that... just need to fight the temptation

in recent months I have witness people who have gone Gluten Free
while I am not sure if I could be so disciplined
I do think I would do well to decrease my intake of JUNK
less JUNK FOOD... more good food

although I am pretty good on bananas
I am also pretty bad when it comes to candy bars and candy in general
less... I need to lessen these things
as mentioned... I am now 45... no spring chicken... it has been decades since I was able to anything I want to
not sure why I continue to eat everything I want to and everything in sight

enough said...

any quick tips?
anyone with a NIKE FUEL band who has made this hip little piece of jock jewelry part of their life?
anyone using the NIKE FUEL band and finding it helpful?
if so... what would you recommend?

yes... it is slick and cool
I like the ascetic
but right now it is looking like a pretty expensive pedometer
and really... I want more
maybe they could have a version that shocks the person who is wearing it when they over eat?

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