okay... I like junk food... and my boys like treats

everything in moderation
we do not eat Micky D's everyday
but if we are trying to make time on a road trip
well... those salt sticks and soda hit the spot
but in moderation

my kids eat their vegetables and of course their fruits
my wife makes sure that those things around and that those things are making it to the table at meals
me... I forget sometimes
that is not how my brain is wired

chips and such...
my kids eat em
which is a bummer... because that means that there are chips in the house
I have a hard time to manage portion control when eating chips
ice cream can be hard too

my kids help to improve my diet
because it is important for me to have them eat right
which helps me to eat right
because I need to feed by example

if I want my kids to eat a banana
I usually start eating a banana 
which is easy... I like bananas
and if my kids don't want a banana?
sometimes I make them eat a banana

we put gas in our car
we need to fuel our human engines

okay.... on with a frozen pizza for lunch
maybe not the best
but there were some good things on the table at breakfast

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