oh man...
I can not believe I scrolled through the who darn page


RIDES A BIKE is an excellent archive of all sorts of famous people riding bikes
most names I recognized
a handful I had not
although I recognized many of the names 
most of the stars were from an era that is not my own

yet the images are amazing just the same

Hollywood Rides a Bike: Cycling with the Stars

this review gives their version of "best of"

this one focuses on "starlets"

the photos are far more old than new
but there are a handful of newer more contemporary shots
 personally I found it hard to select a few to share

it was not intentional that all the shots I selected to share here were of women and women only
there are many classic shots of men on bicycles as well

there are shots of Elvis, The Beatles, Alfred Hitchcock... the list goes on

in some cases you can see that the bicycles are labeled with the actor or actresses' names on them
clearly bicycles used for the actors to get around the movie sets in Hollywood
one of the photos was of Roy Rogers with his horse Trigger... humorously Roy Roger's bike was named "Trigger" rather than "Roy"
which I thought was clever and cute

to me it is fascinating to see famous people on bicycles
for some reason it seems to it humanizes them

what could be more regular than riding a bicycle?

also the notion of being in public and putting oneself at risk

more famous people on bikes

the Gwadzilla Page seldom captures photos of famous people on bicycles
there are some quasi famous people on bikes
a few faces from the Whose Who of DC's music scene
but not much more

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