Romney Does not Care about You or Me... well... he may care about Millionaire you... but he does not care about regular guy me

the haves and have nots

there is this video where Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Tells Millionaire Donors what he REALLY things about Obama Voters

Romney is part of the One Percent... I am part of that 47 Percent...

as it happens...
Jimmy Carter's Grandson Helped Leak Romney's Fundraiser Video

I like Jimmy Carter
ineffective? well... similar to Obama... the Republican Congress works so hard to prevent the Democrat President from being effective... should we really blame the president? or should we blame the Filibuster rich Republicans? It seems that the Republicans are so dead set on having Obama fail that they will block any and all initiatives that would make him look good... even if these actions would help all... including their constituents!

is there any truth to the claims that the incoming Republican President worked with the Iran to have the US Hostages released under his control so that he could get credit rather than Carter?
I was young at the time... but the fact that the hostages were freed the day that Carter's term ended is a tad suspect... was it at the wire... or was it to credit the incoming president? how did history write this?

then this...
(a reference that only people my age may get...)

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