scary moment in the am...

this morning as I went to walk the dog my neighbor thanked me for some bicycle purchase advice that I gave him

in short...
he wants a mountain bike for his time at his cabin in West Virginia
he wants a bike to ride around town and perhaps commute to work on
my suggestion... two bikes
leaving the "actually mountain bike" in West Virginia

while trying to pitch this point I let Didg off leash so he could "drop the bomb"
as I chatted I notices the often stealth Didgereedoo loop around a parked car towards the street
I zipped around and took him by the collar and pointed him back into the woods
well... the dog went into the woods then a few minutes later I heard that oh too scary sound combination

bump... breaks... and squeak!

I ran over to see my dog sheepishly walking across the street... sort of limping
total tail between the legs moment

rushing across the street waving to stopped cars I try to get my dog to see that he is okay

scared Didg hustles away
still limping... but limping is better than lifeless on the centerline of the street

I sat on the stairs and Didg came to my side
I have him a gentle yet strong hug
then pet him and I firmly palmed joints and limbs
nothing... no squeaking or darting to get away because I touched a sensitive spot

back on his feet walking at my side we went back towards home
at that moment the women involved in the car to dog contact came rushing up
she had stopped her car at impact and turned around to check on the dog
a self proclaimed animal lover worried about my dog... she looked like she was about to cry
I assured her that the dog was fine and that everything was entirely my fault
the dog should not have gone into the street

it made me feel better that she described the dog "running into the side" of her vehicle
rather than the bumper or tire hitting the dog

either way....
I wanted to get Didg inside and take a closer look to see if a visit to the vet was in order
a few steps into the house and the limp was less pronounced
back on the rug for a rub down session
again... no sensitivity... no tenderness 
the way that Didg leaped onto the couch gave me some assuredness that he is in fact fine!

watching him...
making sure he does not have any injuries
and of course
I will be in more control of this young pup when I let him off leash

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