thanks... nice shot Rod (updated with a few shots by Dan Tutman)

Gwadzilla yacking it at the podium in the White House Press Briefing Room


Rod Smith... rolling with the trailer on a mountain bike as fast as I am moving on my skinny tire road bike

we stall for a photo and the man in the booth shouts out...

inside the White House... out front of the White House...
interior images photo credit to Dan Tutman
exterior image photo credit to Rod Smith

Rolling Past 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

ran into Rod today...
we traded roles
Rod snapping a photo
me in the photo

me rolling past the White House somewhere around noon today

Rod Mentioned on the Gwadzilla page

The White House Press Room is built over the old White House Pool
that pool is still in tact... but is being used as a computer server bay
pool... bay... 

I am not a CHEAT!
if those tile walls of the swimming pool could talk...
Mimi Alford talks about affair with JFK

all three images of people on bikes were taken on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC

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