The Diamond Derby is many things to many people

more on this later
I could say plenty of this
but what is funny
the Diamond Derby is something different depending on your perspective

I am wearing many hats at this event
so I get to experience the Diamond Derby in a number of ways

I am loosely involved in the planning and design of The Diamond Derby
like an outside consultant
they ask me if I like it
and I say yes
then they move on
there are really many people putting a great deal into design and planning

I am invited in to set up and run the kid race at The Diamond Derby
it is a fun project to be a part of
even if my cog is only a small part
it is a pleasure to be a part of this human powered machine

as said... The Diamond Derby is many things to many people...

the Diamond Derby is a social ride... a slow scenic pedal across the river 
riding a leisurely pace from DC to NOVA
I can not say any more on this
as I lack insight into this perspective 
as I have not see the event from that perspective

but I have see the "social ride" arrive
there are costumes and there are funky bikes
some people are excited to test ride the course
other go straight for the bar
some people register for some of the race events
others hang out and cheer and heckle

and I bet there are some people who check it out and then head for the metro or start pedaling home 

there really are a full spectrum of perspectives
there is a kid event... a "just for fun" race...
many children are with parents who are racing
but a strong number of the families are at the event to spectate and to have their kids race... mainly to bring their kids to an event that they can participate in
the kids totally dig the event
the event has great energy and the kids are fueled by it

it is really cool to ride your bicycle in a parking garage
it is even cooler to race your bicycle in a parking garage
and significantly safer too
the carfreeness of it all really allows for the riders to test the turns

there are many turns on the course
the turns will test you

again my perspective is limited... because am not a kid in the kid racing field
but... I am part of the Diamond Derby crew as the kid course race director...
which means I design the course and head the activities on race day

then also having two kids of my own who raced at the Diamond Derby... I get to see things through their eyes
well... as well as any parent can or tries to

the course is set up... but the activities depend upon the interest and intensity of the child participants

a small mini course that is taped, marked, and available to ride all day is set up
the...  the main course race designers have made an abbreviated version of the adult course that the kid get to ride
there is a parade lap with the kids so they have an idea of what they are getting int
then there is a race

at the race line there is a discussion with each age group for how many laps they think they should do
then broken down from there after that

I think the older kids did 4 abbreviated laps and then down from there
while the littler kids did a number of laps on the small course
all participants were given a red backpack goodie bag courtesy of Bike Arlington!
I think there was a water bottle along with some crayons and a coloring book... I have one right here... I should scope it out

enough on that
but really... that is the focus of the day for me
to set up the race and to have my kids race
then everything after that is gravy

after the kids are done... I am done with my contribution to the event and can grab my bike and join in on the fun

which gives me the position of participant observation
not a director of activities
not a documentarian of activities

I have the experience as racer in two of the races
I raced in the relay and then the 4X
being competitive in each
our relay team DCMTB (which could have been named better... maybe DCMTB and a bunch of messengers?)... our relay team got second overall
in the 4X event I worked very hard to get 3rd place

then after racing I got to experience a side of the event that I had not previously experienced
the lounge
although I did not watch the race from the lounge
there were people looking pretty casual on the couches

there were definitely a good number of ways to experience the diamond derby
enough on this post
I will add some images and enjoy the day before the sun sets



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