Thievery Corp at the NEW DC Fairgrounds!

last night Thievery Corp played at the NEW DC Fairgrounds
there was talk with my wife Lisa and a variety of friends about getting a gaggle together and catching the show
but alas no...
a mixture of life demands and ticket costs dissuaded the majority of us from serious consideration of these plans

so... we aborted the mission

until game day... on the day of the actual show
the afternoon in fact we got a text
it was a group text from our friend Vida, Rob's wife
Rob Myers not Rob Garza
the guitar-sitar player in Thievery Corp
as it turns out they were able to get us on the guest list

Joel Plus Three!

so... we hustled with a few phone calls a a couple of texts
but no... it was too late in the weekend to scare up a babysitter
so rather than a get a sitter and team up with another couple
we opted to bring the kids and meet Vida at the show

but no... things do not always go as planned

I checked the site to verify that this was in face an "all ages show"
YES! the web page stated that children were allowed in the gate
but no kids would be admitted until 9PM
so we planned our approach with plenty of time before NINE

we loaded the car and drove across town
no issue finding parking
soon enough we were at the gate 
perfectly timing our arrival between bands
just before Thievery Corp took the stage

but no... as said... things do not always go as planned
at the gate two things happened...
the guys at the door told us... NO KIDS!

children had been turned away all day
then ontop of that... the "guest list" had been removed from the gate
that option was closed

now... these things are all up for discussion
Lisa offered for me to stay... I was tempted... but no
I accepted the turn around and left with the family
but we did not leave immediately
I figured we were already there... we might as well explore
so... we took a stroll on the boardwalk down by the water

the renovations to that area are BEAUTIFUL!
the wading pool is fantastic
the view of the river is glorious
it is a nice urban destination

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